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Markrting Strategy Workshop

Marketing strategy

Drive your business ahead...

Whether you are just starting your business or thinking about growing your operations, a good marketing plan includes everything from identifying your target customers to reaching them and creating repeat buyers. Your marketing strategy is the road map you will use to gain unlimited customer loyalty and boost your organization's success.


This personalized one-on-one workshop will guide you to kick-start your marketing plan and help you manage and focus your marketing efforts You will be able to learn the tools, knowledge, and structure to create an effective strategy for your business. 

Ready to Get Strategic with your Marketing?

Strategy Consultant


The workshop will guide you to create and develop your strategic capabilities or review an existing strategy that you already have in place. 

  • Entrepreneurs/ Founders,

  • Freelancers,

  • Social innovators,

  • Startups,

  • Cooperatives,

  • Individuals planning to start a business or association together,

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem.

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