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CSR & Sustainability Course

CSR & Sustainability fundamentals 


Think globally, act locally ...


The Sustainability and CSR Fundamentals course is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to discuss and integrate these topics into your business. During this course, you will build an understanding of the key areas required to implement and to communicate CSR/Sustainability in your day-to-day responsibilities.


To maximize the outcomes for you in this introductory training, this course adopts a holistic approach and introduces current issues, trends, and frameworks while also motivating you to forecast future opportunities and manage challenges of Sustainability.

Key Topics Include:

  1. Sustainability and CSR Concepts

  2. Stakeholder identification and engagement

  3. Introduction to Sustainability Strategy

  4. Introduction to Sustainability Reporting

  5. Sustainable communications

CSR & Sustainability Course



Realize your full potential by enhancing consumer and partner communication! 

  • Entrepreneurs/ Founders,

  • Freelancers,

  • Social innovators,

  • Startups,

  • Cooperatives,

  • Individuals planning to start a sustainable business or association together,

  • Entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem,

  • Marketing/Communications/PR Consultants

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