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Brand Identity


Clear, Concise, Compelling


As a creative, entrepreneur, or business owner, the term "branding" is perhaps one of the most frequently used words in your business.


The branding of a company is more significant than you think. On the surface, your brand may appear to be made up of merely logos and colors, but your brand is actually your company's entire identity. Your brand expresses your individuality. 

Many firms would rather not invest time and money in branding and would instead rather imitate their competitors' identities or current online trends.

That is not going to work!

In the long run, you won't be able to successfully advertise a product or service until you define a sound brand identification system.

However, businesses that develop a strong branding that communicates their goals and connects strongly with their buyer personas will undoubtedly be able to evoke emotional motivation and bond over their competitors.

MHATIA can help you powerfully communicate your brand, by cutting through the noise and building an immediate emotional connection with your audience.

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What does your brand IDENTITY include?

Brand Identity Services
Brand Exploration
Brand Strategy: Defining your Brand voice/ mission and vision
Brand Persona
Brand Identity: Logo, Font, Color
Brand Guideline book
Brand Tone of Voice
Brand Collateral: Letterhead, Business Card, Envelop, Packaging, etc.
Social Media Covers

Add-on options include Instagram feed theme, copywriting, website design;

The Brand Identity services are fully customizable to fit your business's needs. 

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