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Paris Dubai Marketing Communications Consultant


MHATIA aims to educate, promote and inspire growth and entrepreneurship in an innovative and ethical ecosystem. MHATIA has always been guided by a strong social conscience, aligned with its core purpose which is to challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use its resources to drive positive change and achieve success.  

Entrepreneur Qualities




& Dive In

As a consultant, a coach, and an entrepreneur, MHATIA has the persistence, expertise, and knowledge to help guide you through this journey.  

As a consultant, MHATIA has the expertise and the knowledge you would require to help develop your business.

As a coach and educator, MHATIA has the patience, the resilience, and the tools to help you learn the ins and outs of your business

And as an entrepreneur, MHATIA understands the struggles, the hardship, the sleepless nights, and the stress of building and running your own business.


You and your business are the priority,

So,let’s get started



MHATIA Marketing Communications Consultant

As a marketing communication consultant with seven years of experience, I have gained extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative external and internal marketing communication strategies for both emerging and established companies in the Middle East and Europe.

My journey began shortly after achieving my architecture degree from American University of Sharjah. Growing up in Dubai opened up the doors in working with international companies and adapting to a multi-cultural society but my ambition and passion led me to Paris! It was a start of a new adventure to a historic city that not only, furthered my education but also established my career and goals. I pursued my education by earning a degree in Fashion Design followed by an MBA degree in Brand Management and Marketing from INSEEC, Paris.


Working alongside International and creative colleagues and companies has given me the drive and persistence to pursue my career goals,  while mentoring businesses and coaching has allowed me to pursue my passion and use my extensive experience to help accompany and guide those who require the expertise in the given field in their business or their professional life.

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