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​What do I do?

Whether you are thinking to start up your own business or you are at early or mid-stages of developing your company, I can help you develop your concept and your strategy by creating value, direction, and resolving issues to help build and maximize growth and improve performance and capitalizing on opportunities.


How do I do it?

I will start by analyzing YOUR business at the current stage to better understand your vision and your core motivation for your company. This will allow me to help identify the underlying issues and shake out what is not working for you and drive solutions to better situate you in the market.

  • Developing a Business Model

  • Developing a Business Strategy

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy

What do I do?

I will develop an understanding of YOUR unique market opportunities and challenges and collaborate closely with you to overcome those challenges and eliminate any obstacles to enhance the performance and growth of market share.


How do I do it?

I will create a brand strategy to develop a voice for Your brand, to establish a culture, a target market, and to create and distribute valuable content to potential niche markets.


I will develop strategies that enable You to reduce customer acquisition cost ( CAC), increase average order value (AOV), and create brand loyalty which would result in an increase of lifetime customer value (LTV). The services are divided into three different categories. General Marketing, Content Marketing, Social media marketing.

  • Brand Strategy and Development

  • Marketing Strategy & Research

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media

Who you are as a brand? What is Your mission? What are your values? What is your brand personality? What is your unique positioning and/ or brand voice?

These are the elements that define your brand, and distinguish your brand in consumers' minds. It is important to have a clear understanding of each before developing your brand. I am here to help you in every step of building your brand.

  • Creation and/or Development of brand identity (Values, Culture, Vision)

  • Brand Standards/ Guidelines

  • Brand/ Product Naming

  • Website Design

  • Logo Design

  • Graphics: Catalog, Look book, Brochures, Mood board, etc.

  • Stationery: Business Card, Letterhead, etc.

Content Marketing

Developing content that provides the highest engagement. Depending on the Marketing media used, valuable content in the form of videos, Newsletter, webinar, podcasts will be considered for:

  • Blog and Website Content

  • Email Marketing

  • Instagram Calendar & Layout Design

  • Social Media Content

  • Social Media Engagement growth

Using social media platforms to connect with your audience to help build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. It requires publishing quality content on your social media profiles whilst engaging with your followers, running social media advertisement and analyzing your results


  • Selecting the right social media channel to provide the highest ROI.

  • Promote social media campaigns to market products/ Services

  • Developing strategies to target the right audience and reach them

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