Why would I ever need branding❓❓❓

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Branding…. Brand Identity… Brand Identity Development…. What it is even? And how can that help my business?

In short, it’s the face of your brand, your representation, your identity. Powerful yet memorable!!

The logo, the name, the colors, the font and the design visuals that you use, must be identifiable to help differentiate you from other products and services in the market. This is categorized as a type of marketing practice.

Think of it as an outfit you wear for a job interview, or an event you are trying to organize such as a birthday or a wedding. Every single detail counts as every single design or even a small touch is a mirrored representation of you. It is not that different in branding, your logo, typography, symbols and designs become part of the identity of your brand, a piece that the consumers can identify with, recognize and set you apart from other brands. Just like a suit that you wear, from the accessories to color to the trim and presentation of it, it speaks volumes.

Branding has an overall impact on your company, how it is perceived and how you can increase your brand awareness.

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